Paul Neal
Lighting Cameraman


 As an owner/operator, I have invested money and quality time to know and take care of my gear. Using my gear to make pretty pictures is what I love. That said, if a client prefers one format/camera type over another - let's talk! Individual service to individual clients. Scroll down for owned equipment but know that all formats can be provided. Don't be shy, inquire if the format required is not listed - we can see what we can do!
Camera Equipment - Scroll down   Audio, Grip & More
Canon EOS C300 large sensor camera with 11-16, 17-55, 24-105, 85, 50-135 & 70-200, 2x doubler lens package   Lectrosonics 210D & 211 diversity wireless microphone systems.
Panasonic HDX900 DVCPro HD Broadcast 1080i/720p camcorder   TRAM & KAT lavaliere microphones
Canon 4.7 x 11 & 8 x 16 B4 Lenses   Beyer Dynamic handheld microphone
Panasonic 17” & 8” HD Field Monitors   8 x 8, 6 x 6, 6 x 3, 4 x 4 silks/nets/blacks
Nanoflash Digital Recorder   Grip Stands / Arms / etc
Sachtler Video 20 Plus & ACE L Tripods   Blacks, whites, 12x green
EX3, XDHD, SxS, P2 - Inquire!    Teleprompter, dollies/track, studio space and crew – all available
Lighting Package   Bi Colour LEDs, Kinos, & Tungsten  
Four Kino Flo Diva fixtures   NanoFlash Digital recorder … record XDCAM HD codec in quicktime, .mxf or MPEG files for instant download/transfer to a hard drive or non-linear edit system.
Four Chimera soft boxes  
Seven bi-colour, AC/DC LED lightpanels  
1K's, 650's, 300's 150's Arri Fresnel Kit  
Source Four Jr.  
Arri 125 Pocket Par