Paul Neal
Lighting Cameraman

Paul's Bio

Thanks for stopping by! Paul Neal, me, welcomes you to my site. Who am I? What do I do? I have 24 years experience in local and international video production.  I have serviced independent producers and directors, broadcast and corporate production companies as well as mainline networks and film studios from near and far. As a freelancer, I realize my next job may come (or may not!) based on my performance of the previous days and weeks - this, then, pushes me to continue to deliver the high production values my current clients and potencial clients demand.
As a result of the freelance market, I have had wonderful opportunities working closely with a wide range of productions utilizing a diverse range of production techniques all the while keeping abreast of the ever-changing technology in order to deliver the newest, current looks clients require.   Experience with live shows and events, broadcast documentaries, series and commercials along with “behind the scenes” of major motion pictures and high end corporate CEO/educational and promotional videos - all have given me a well versed background of styles, formats and requirements. 
Before jumping into the freelance market in 1995 and establishing worldcam, I was a primary field cameraman for CCCI, a full-service television production company in Toronto.  I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received the Bachelor of Science degree in Radio-Television-Film. Truth be told, however, one learns far much more "in the field"!
Based out of Toronto - Southern Ontario is at my doorstep - the world is accessible. worldcam.